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The Common Health Inequalities Of New Zealand Essay

Introduction Everyone should have equal rights and privilege to live and be treated fairly in every aspect of human life. Health in humans is the ability of each individual or communities to adapt and cope to challenges in relation to social, physical, or mental aspects. In this paper we will tackle about some of the common health inequalities that most Maoris and non-maoris have experienced while looking for healthcare services, and on how such healthcare inequalities can be reduced. New Zealand has a rich and fascinating unique history, depicting its early settlers from Maoris until the colonization of the British Crown. The discovery of New Zealand comes a long way back from more than 700 years ago. Learning ones history is like seeing the foundation of the past and how it actually get influenced by a lot of factors such as time, people, and many more. It all starts from the agreement signing of the Treaty of Waitangi or also called Te Tiriti o Waitangi in Maori language. It is a mutual agreem ent between the British crown and Maori tribes when the British crown claimed New Zealand as a colony in 1840 and it stays to be vastly significant in defining the connection between MÄ ori and Pakeha (non-Maori) until present. The health status of aboriginal people internationally differs from their peculiar, historic, administrative, and public circumstances. New Zealand is a multinational country which includes an amount of diverse ethnic groups such as European, Pacific Islander,Show MoreRelatedThe Health Issues Of Inequalities Within Healthcare Interaction Between Maoris And Non- Maoris Essay1550 Words   |  7 PagesIn this paper will shows the health issues of Inequalities within healthcare interaction between Maoris and non- Maoris in New Zealand, barriers in resolving the issues and measurement being implemented to solve this issue. Globally, healthcare practitioners encounter health issues whenever and wherever they work. There are common health issues practitioners may come across wherever they work such as inequalities within healthcare interactions; different cultures, practice, values and believe ofRead MoreHpv Immunisation Programme And The New Zealand Public Health And Disability Act 2000 Essay1578 Words   |  7 Pages HPV IMMUNISATION PROGRAMME According to the Ministry of Health, in New Zealand, about 160 women develop cervical cancer each year – and about 50 die from it. This has led to different programmes implemented to minimize the incidence of cervical cancer. These programmes include HPV immunisation before the exposure to the infection and regular cervical smear tests for adult once they are sexually active. This paper will focus on HPV Immunisation Programme, the reason behind its implementation, whoRead MoreCardiovascular Disease : The Common Health Issue Among Maori Essay1575 Words   |  7 PagesINTRODUCTION This essay consists of a health issue relevant to Maori population. I identified cardiovascular disease as the common health issue among Maori. The essay explores the details of CVD and relevant demographics. The importance of treaty of Waitangi in this contest and the historical factors relevant to CVD are explained. Finally, identified a significant health policy related to CVD and explained one community health service related to the identified health strategy. CARDIOVASCULAR DISEASERead MoreHealth Issues Of The New Zealand Essay1726 Words   |  7 PagesIn New Zealand Maori’s are facing many health related issues. This essay is about a health issue relevant to Maori population. Cardiovascular disease as the most common health issue among Maori. The essay explores the details of CVD and its relevant demographics. The importance of the Treaty of Waitangi in this context and explained the historical factors relevant to CVD. Finally, a significant health policy related to CVD is described and a community health programme is identified to implement theRead MoreThe Treaty Of Waitangi And The Rights Of The Maori People Essay1657 Words   |  7 Pagesthe principles behind it and the relevance to the health and wellbeing of the Maori people in New Zealand. The Cultural Safety and other principles that are considered in the healthcare practice will also be tackled. While most of the discussion is focused on the treaty, cultural safety and M aori health various concerns are also considered to provide a suitable foundation on the topic. The treaty of Waitangi is the founding document of New Zealand. It is meant to be a partnership of the Maori peopleRead MoreDifferences Between Gender And Social Division Essay1575 Words   |  7 Pages Any society displays a certain degree of inequality. Researches, studies or media analysis in various fields such as history, sociology, philosophy or anthropology highlight the existence of at least one social division at any given time in the history of mankind. The issue raised and analysis below is â€Å"to what extend is social division in Aoteroa New Zealand organised around gender relations†. Gender relation refers to differences that appear in all aspects of men and women lives and how theseRead MoreThe Medical Models Of Health1575 Words   |  7 PagesModels of Health Technology, inventions, science, cures, research, medicine and medical practice have all changed and grown over the past 150 years as the human race gains a greater understanding about the world around us. It is therefore undeniable that medical models of health should follow in this trend, from the introduction of generalised treaties such as the Alma Ata to specified reports such as that of the Black report have help guide models of health towards that of the social model and awayRead MoreInequality Of New Zealand s Society Essay1718 Words   |  7 PagesInequality in New Zealand s society is an ongoing issue in the present, prior to the 1980s, New Zealand was one of the most equal countries in the world but in the two decades from the mid-1980s onwards, the division between the rich and the underprivileged increased faster than anywhere else in the world. Inequality is both a relatively modern concept, and one which has existed for as long as humankind have been on earth, whether it’s Gender inequality, Racial and ethnic inequality, Age inequalityRead MoreCervical Cancer Screening Programmes For The Women Essay1365 Words   |  6 Pagespopular disease for the women. Different programmes has been made up to fight against this deadly disease. New Zealand has one of the best screening programmes in the world. The establishment of National Cervical Cancer Screening Programme in NZ in 1990 had reduced a significant number of 60% of women who develop cervical cancer and who die from it since it was built. More than 1 million New Zealander women are enrolled in this programme and 95 % are eligible. The Cervical Cancer screening programmeRead MoreEffects Of Alcohol On New Zealand1469 Words   |  6 PagesDRINK. Alcohol is the most commonly used recreational drug in Aotearoa New Zealand. While females traditionally consume less alcohol than males, there are a number of reasons for looking more closely at women and their consumption and related harm. Females may be more vulnerable to the effects of alcohol than males, with a number of factors that can contribute including body size and composition, age and genetics. The other health risks associated with high alcohol consumption by females, includes breast

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Schools and Education - Understanding the Rise in Apathy,...

The Rise in Apathy, Cheating and Plagiarism – Understanding the Problem Over the past ten years teachers have witnessed a drop in student preparation and a rise in apathy and cheating. Students who cheat do so from a variety of motives. Making this situation even more difficult is that faculty members do not even define plagiarism the same or punish it consistently (Howard, â€Å"Sexuality† 473). Some surveys even show that teachers simply ignore the problem or do not report plagiarism because: â€Å"they do not want to be bothered, because they think only the student who cheated is actually harmed, or because of the unpleasant bureaucracy and documentation ramifications† (Moeck 484). Alschuler and Blimling add to this list the fear†¦show more content†¦Conventional wisdom of the time believed that students learned to write well and think better by becoming acquainted with the works of great writers and thinkers. Only by showing a mastery of the masters could one establish authorial authority, and because the author’s a udience knew the masters too, the student had no need to cite sources (Howard, â€Å"Plagiarisms† 788). It isn’t until the late 17th Century that British authors begin hurling the accusation of plagiarist at each other. Ideologically this makes sense because after the fall of Rome, Western Europe fell into a dark age. Not until the Renaissance do we see another spurt of humanism that marked the great classic periods of Greece and Rome. Before the invention of the printing press, the rise in literacy, and the focus on humans as perfectible creations who can create important works by themselves, there was very little need for authorial ownership. In the Renaissance, associating an author’s name with a work was generally tied to prosecution for blasphemy and libel (Hammond 23). â€Å"Authorship could only develop as a profession when it became respectable for individuals to live off their wits† (23). Not until 1709 do we find the first copyright law protecting ownership rights, and this did not solve the thorny problem of intellectual property and how to protect an idea (36-37). In the Romantic Period, a major shift in thought occurred. The Romantics prized individuality andShow MoreRelatedAnnotated Bibliography: Plagiarism39529 Words   |  158 Pagesï » ¿Plagiarism Bibliography Buckwalter, J. A., Wright, T., Mogoanta, L. and Alman, B. (2012), Plagiarism: An assault on the integrity of scientific research. J. Orthop. Res., 30:  1867 1868. Granitz, N. and Loewy, D. (2007). Applying Ethical Theories: Interpreting and Responding to Student Plagiarism. Journal of Business Ethics, 72(3), 293-306. Luke, B. and Kearins, K. (2012), Attribution of words versus attribution of responsibilities: Academic plagiarism and university practice. Vaccine, 30(50):

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Romeo and Juliet The Forbidden Love - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 3 Words: 881 Downloads: 1 Date added: 2019/03/13 Category Literature Essay Level High school Tags: Romeo and Juliet Essay William Shakespeare Essay Did you like this example? Romeo and Juliet: The Forbidden Love Love is like waking up in a field of yellow grass with the last rays of the sun keeping one just warm enough to want to stay there forever. To some, love is the most precious possession, which can’t be seen or heard, but felt within oneself. Love acknowledges no boundary. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Romeo and Juliet: The Forbidden Love" essay for you Create order It jumps hurdles, leaps fences, and demolishes walls to arrive at its destination full of hope. In Shakespeares tragic play Romeo and Juliet, two star-crossed lovers, Romeo Montague and Juliet Capulet, secretly participate in young romance strictly prohibited by their feuding families. As their young love blossoms, they constantly fight to be together. Romeo even went to an extent to where he allows Juliet to completely control him all because he wants to protect his vulnerable love for Juliet. Similarly, Juliet’s scheme to play dead so that she can be far away from the nurse and her parents to marry Romeo shows the sacrifices lovers make to be together. However, despite both Romeo’s and Juliet’s efforts to be together, a misunderstanding led to both of their demises at the end of the play. Overall, the shifting characteristics of the two lovers portray how when influenced by love, change and sacrifices need to be made by the people in love in order to shield the ir love from outside forces revolt. First, Juliet starts out as a naà ¯ve girl whos dependent on her family but falling in love with Romeo causes her to bravely sacrifice her own family to be together with him. Famously   Hridia 2 referred to as the â€Å"balcony scene,† Act 2, Scene 2 of Romeo and Juliet begins with Juliet standing on her bedroom balcony, talking to herself. She muses on how unfair it is that the striking gentleman she kissed moments ago is, in fact, Romeo Montague, a young man from the family her Capulet kin are warring with. She is so deeply in regret that she wishes, â€Å"Belonging to a man, O, be some other name† (2.2.41). As oblivious as Juliet is, she didn’t notice Romeo who has crept into the Capulet grounds, overheard her words. When he presents himself to Juliet, the two embark on a very passionate conversation in which they seldom confess their love for one another. Their declarations are cut short in fear that Romeo will be discovered and by Juliet’s nurse co nstantly calling her to come back into her bedroom. Before they separate, Juliet instructs Romeo to meet with her the following day to make a plan to elope and marry. Through Juliet’s daunting actions, Shakespeare portrays how when in love, sacrifices by lovers need to be made to have unison of two parties. When sacrifices are made it is proven how much one desires the other. Consequently, outside forces admire how one gives away certain aspects of their possessions to satisfy their lover, leading to no obstruction in continuing the love between two lovers. Second, Romeo starts out as a confident character but when he agrees to love Juliet, he becomes impulsive and allows Juliet of complete dominance over him. Romeo’s impulsive nature is evident as he crept behind enemy lines and claims that he has no fear of the Capulets. As he is driven by his ego, he immediately denies his heritage, claiming the Montague heritage is inferior to Juliet. In an attempt to learn how Romeo had trespassed he family grounds, Juliet Hridia 3 inquires Romeo. Flattered, Romeo, doesn’t hesitate to confidently respond, â€Å"there lies more peril in the thin eye, Than twenty of their swords† (2.2.71-72). He figures his pursuit of Juliet in the language of perilous adventure, where he must advance â€Å"stony limits† (2.2.67) and persevere through the â€Å"farthest sea† (2.2.83) in order to hit the target of his love and passion for Juliet. Regardless of his heroic portrayal, his self-confidence is reduced by the power Juliet has over him. Ever since she came into his life, she has a lot of control over him. Furthermore, Romeo describes himself as Juliet’s pet â€Å"bird† now, which signifies him as a tiny toy being manipulated by Juliet in every whim (2.2.182). However, her manipulation is only presented as love in Romeo’s eyes. It is evident that when in love, lovers change themselves no matter how drastic because it satisfies the other party. When the other party is happy, tranquility on another level is achieved. As a result, when outsides forces watch, it is hard to not admire how two lovers change for each other to bring out the best versions of themselves while keeping everyone else satisfied. Conclusion Therefore in Shakespeares Romeo and Juliet, it is evident that when two people are in love they change and make sacrifices to preserve their love. Romeo and Juliet are an example of this concept. Juliet is willing to sacrifice by leaving her family just to be with Romeo because she loves him that much. Similarly, Romeo changes from a boastful person to one that allows Juliet to control him all because he also loves Juliet. It is these sacrifices and change formed during relationships that help couples last, as it proves their genuineness and pure caring of each other, driving them to achieve the maximum point in each other’s passion.

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The Immigration Affects All Americans - 2272 Words

Immigration Affects all Americans Heather Long Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College Summer 2015 Immigration Affects all Americans With an election year just a year away, the topic of immigration and how it affects us as a nation will be one of the more controversial and hotly debated subjects. The United States deficit has reached 18 trillion dollars, this has made many question the financial implications of President Obamas executive order on immigration. Social programs are paid for by federal, state, and local governments and policy makers and the public want to know how these programs will be affected by his executive order. Those that defend the order state that the nation only stands to gain on tax revenue that had†¦show more content†¦These taxes were not to discourage immigration, they were set in place to help defer some of the costs the federal government had to pay for immigration officials (Alchin, 2015). It wasn’t until 1996 that President Clinton signed a welfare reform bill that excluded legal immigrants from social programs such as food stamps, w elfare payments, and Supplemental Security Income (Creekmore, 2004). If legal immigrants do not qualify for social programs, what are the issues and debated costs of immigration and of President Obamas executive order? President Obamas’ Executive Order Due to the lack of Congress passing new immigration reform policies, President Obama took the controversial step and signed an executive order to alter the current immigration policy to provide a pathway for undocumented immigrants to obtain legal status and to increase boarder security along with other features. President Obama did not want to pass the executive order, he would have preferred that Congress had acted on their own. When President Obama addressed Congress he stated To those members of Congress who question my authority to make our immigration system work better, he said, or question the wisdom of me acting where Congress has failed, I have one answer: Pass a bill. (Facts on File, 2015, Para 11) Congress failed to act, President

Industrial Conflicts a Comparison Between Britain and France Free Essays

Industrial Conflicts: A Comparison between Britain and France Outline of proposed paper I would like to conduct a comparison in the Industrial Conflicts between Britain and France. In this period of financial crisis where companies are taking action on both sides of the English Channel to stay competitive, it would be interesting to analyze the industrial conflicts of these countries as trade unions and workers are sometimes protesting to save their jobs occasionally with extreme violence. I would also like to know more about the Industrial Conflicts in Britain as this is something unfamiliar for me compared to the situation in France where trade unionism and militancy is present early in our lives with students commonly on strike and usually commences from High School. We will write a custom essay sample on Industrial Conflicts: a Comparison Between Britain and France or any similar topic only for you Order Now Identification and justification of relevant theory Before focusing on industrial conflicts, I thought that it would be interesting to first understand the industrial relations with the theory of Richard Whitley (1992) and the concept of Business Systems to highlight that there are major differences between these two countries in the way of organizing and managing economic activities and structuring their industrial relations. Concerning the Industrial Conflicts, Steve Jefferys (2001, 2003)who analyses the French and British employment relations using legal, sociological and historical approaches and also the neo-liberal, regulation, social movement and the societal effect theories to understand the employment relations and their industrials conflict will be my main focus. My additional focus will be on Michael Jackson and his analysis on strike trends, specifically in Anglo-Saxon countries. He thoroughly examines explanations for strikes drawing on research findings and comments from a broad range of disciplines from various authors and theories. Identification of empirical evidence The TUC (Trades Union Congress) library will be extremely helpful in finding out information about British trade union in general and industrial conflicts and militancy more particularly. Richard Clutterbuck (1984) gives us data about strike details in Britain between 1971 and 1980. Micael P. Jackson (1987) also provides data about duration and the average number of workers involved in strikes in the U. K. between 1915 and 1985. Jeff Bridgford developed data about French trade union membership and their belonging to the â€Å"Parti Socialiste† between 1970 and 1979. Preliminary evaluation of alternative arguments and evidence Concerning the industrial relations, Richard Whitley (1992, 2000) seems to belong to the divergent school which means that business systems of countries and their industrial relations are influenced by institutions, history, values or beliefs. However, other authors such as Ohmae (1996) argues the end of the nation-state and the rise of regional economies where economic decisions are now taken at the level of economic region which are often cross national boundaries and economically independent of the nation-states where they reside. Critical self-assessment of progress to date From week three to Five, I looked at literature about Militancy but nothing came out. After a refocus on the topic on industrial conflict, my task until week seven was to read about industrial relations thinking that I will identify the reason of the industrial conflicts but I did not find a clear answer. My regret is to have not read earlier about Steve Jefferys (2001, 2003) and Jackson (1987) who gives much more insight into industrial conflicts. Plan for completion based on progress self-evaluation The schedule concerning my research would be to finish investigating the studies of Jefferys (2001, 2003) and Jackson (1987) and read more about Poole (1986) before the end of December to clearly identify the issues of industrial conflicts. From the 8th December, I also would like to visit the TUC Library to find more data and literature about industrial conflicts. By the end of the First week of January, I hope to have completed the report in order to come back to it with a fresh mind and arrange it without the pressure of deadline. References List Bridgford, J. , (1991), The Politics of French Trade Union. Leicester: Leicester University Press Clutterbuck, R. (1984), Industrial Conflict and Democracy: The Last Chance. London: The MacMillian Press LTD Jackson, M. (1987), Strikes: Industrial Conflict in Britain, U. S. A. and Australia. Sussex: Wheatsheaf Books LTD Jefferys, S. , al, (2001), European Working lives: Continuities and Change in Management and Industrial Relations in France, Scandinavia and the U. K. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing Limited Jefferys, S. (2003), Liberte, Egalite and Fraternite at Work: Changing French Employment Relations and Management. London: Palgrave Ohmae, K. (1996), The End of Nation State. London: Harper Collins Whitley R. , (1992), European Business Systems: Firms and Markets in their National Contexts. London: Mansel Whitley, R. , (2000), Divergent Capitalisms: The Social Structuring and Change of Business Systems. Oxford: Oxford University Press Bibliography Hall, P. Sos kice, D. (2001), Varieties of Capitalism: The Institutional Foundations Comparative Advantage. Oxford: Oxford University Press Kornhauser, A. , (1954), Industrial Conflict. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company Perkins, S. Shortland, S. , (2006), Stategic International Human Resource Management: Choices and Consequences in Multinational People Management. London: Kogan Page Poole, M. (1986), Industrial Relations: Origins and Patterns of National Diversity. London: Routledge and Kegan-Paul Rubery, J. Grimshaw, D. , (2003), The Organization of Employment: An International Perspective. Basingstoke: Palgrave MacMillian http://www. unionhistory. info How to cite Industrial Conflicts: a Comparison Between Britain and France, Papers

Canterbury Tales The Knight Essay Example For Students

Canterbury Tales: The Knight Essay Canterbury Tales: The KnightIn his prologue, Geoffrey Chaucer introduces all of the characters who areinvolved in this fictional journey and who will tell the tales. One of the moreinteresting of the characters included in this introductory section is theKnight. Chaucer initially refers to the Knight as a most distinguished manand, indeed, his sketch of the Knight is highly complimentary. In this essay, Iwill contrast Chaucers ideal Knight with its modern equivalent. The Knight,Chaucer tells us, possessed good horses, but he was not gaily dressed. Indeed,the Knight is dressed in a common shirt much stained by where his armor hadleft its mark. In other words, Chaucer is telling us that the Knight has justarrived home from service and is in such a hurry to go on his pilgrimage that hehas not even paused before embarking on it to change his clothes. Additionally, the Knight has led a very busy life as his fighting careerhas taken him to a great many places. He has seen military service in Egypt,Lithuania, Prussia, Russia, Spain, North Africa, and Asia Minor where he alwayswon the highest honor. Amazingly, even though he has had a very successfuland busy career, he remains an extremely humble man: indeed, Chaucer maintainsthat he is meek as a maiden. Moreover, Chaucer claims the Knight has neversaid a rude remark to anyone in his entire life. Clearly, the Knight possessesan outstanding character, and Chaucer gives to the Knight perhaps one of themost flattering descriptions in the General Prologue than any other character. His Knight can do no wrong: he is an outstanding warrior who has fought for thetrue faith (according to Chaucer) on three continents. In the midst of allthis, however, Chaucers Knight remains modest and polite. Thus we see him asthe embodiment of the traditional chivalric code: bold and fearless on thebattlefield, devout and courteous off it. Apart from the moral message containedin the story, perhaps this tale of Chaucers is of even further interest tomodern-day readers. In our twentieth-century America, we would like to thinkthat we simply dont have enough people in our society who we can liken toChaucers Knight. Perhaps we are under the impression that our modern societydoes not breed such virtuous people as existed in Chaucers time. We remember that Chaucers work represented one of the few sources ofliterature available to the people of England in the latter half of thefourteenth century; The Canturbury Tales was indeed a precursory form of massmedia during its time. I pose that the essence of Chaucers Knight was no morereal in his day than it is today, and he was simply giving the people an idealcharacter to admire. He never intended his fictional star to be interpreted asa reality, and he was only giving his readers what they wanted. Today, our massmedia delivers the same package and on a grander and even more fictional scalethan ever before. Through television, movies, and books, we are constantlyexposed to fabricated personas of what we should be, and how we should act. As afurther example, during Americas altercation with Iraq in 1991, the concept ofthe modest but effective soldier captured the imagination of the country. Indeed, this nations journalists in many ways attempted to make General H. Norman Schwarzkopf a sort of latter-day Knight. He was made to appear as afearless leader who really was just a regular guy under the uniform. It would bepleasant to think that a person with the traits of Chaucers Knight could reallyexist in the twentieth-century. However, I argue that it is unlikely thatpeople such as Chacucers Knight lived and breathed even during Chaucers time. .uf8cc00d937bee8a28a7b9ccf0df029a7 , .uf8cc00d937bee8a28a7b9ccf0df029a7 .postImageUrl , .uf8cc00d937bee8a28a7b9ccf0df029a7 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .uf8cc00d937bee8a28a7b9ccf0df029a7 , .uf8cc00d937bee8a28a7b9ccf0df029a7:hover , .uf8cc00d937bee8a28a7b9ccf0df029a7:visited , .uf8cc00d937bee8a28a7b9ccf0df029a7:active { border:0!important; } .uf8cc00d937bee8a28a7b9ccf0df029a7 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .uf8cc00d937bee8a28a7b9ccf0df029a7 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .uf8cc00d937bee8a28a7b9ccf0df029a7:active , .uf8cc00d937bee8a28a7b9ccf0df029a7:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .uf8cc00d937bee8a28a7b9ccf0df029a7 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .uf8cc00d937bee8a28a7b9ccf0df029a7 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .uf8cc00d937bee8a28a7b9ccf0df029a7 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .uf8cc00d937bee8a28a7b9ccf0df029a7 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .uf8cc00d937bee8a28a7b9ccf0df029a7:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .uf8cc00d937bee8a28a7b9ccf0df029a7 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .uf8cc00d937bee8a28a7b9ccf0df029a7 .uf8cc00d937bee8a28a7b9ccf0df029a7-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .uf8cc00d937bee8a28a7b9ccf0df029a7:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Community Engagement Within Campus Life Education EssayAs he does with all of his characters, Chaucer is producing a stereotype increating the persona of such an ideal man. Chaucer, in describing the Knight,is depicting a chivalric ideal when, in fact, the history books that speak ofthe Middle Ages demonstrate that this model was rarely ever manifested in actualconduct. English

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Employees will use Apps to Manage their Work and Personal Life Better

Question: Write about the "Employees will use Apps to Manage their Work and Personal Life Better". Answer: Introduction The change in the latest trends and the rapid expansion of the technology has made it very easier for people to improve their living standards. There are different types of the applications available for different purposes. This research paper provides clear argument on the use of the applications for managing the work life and personal life of the employees (Alfes et al., 2013). Different views and perception of the people have been provided to bring out the desired outcomes as to consider the use of these applications suitable or not. Moreover, clear understandings on the implications of managers as well as the leaders are reflected throughout the research paper ("Australian HR Institute", 2017). The managers and leaders of the organization are responsible for maintaining these commercial relationships. Entrepreneurs are able to advertise various products and services, by uploading relevant information of the product, including images, prices, delivery information, and full descrip tion of the product. Main Context The advantages and disadvantages of different business processes which run by various apps need to be understood. In todays world, communication is the foremost important part of every single commercial unit (Arends, 2014). It is a matter of fact that whether the use of applications by employees will help in managing their work processes and their personal life effectively. Different arguments have been made from various other researchers on this particular topic, some of the researchers reveal the importance of the use of the application for the present generation, whereas some of the other researchers reveal the disadvantages of using this application. Starting from running a small business to enhance it, there is a competitive environment in the equivalent commercial units. Apart from this, the individuals also need to maintain their personal work life in balanced condition (Armstrong Taylor, 2014). Sustaining in the business environment along with the individual lives is conside red to be one of the hardest task f a companys leaders and managers. Communication is much important for relatives, as much in business sectors. Thinking of this concept, that, communication, the modern generation has invented a very innovative and unique media, through which, both Business relationships and family associations will be maintained in equal aspects. The study comprises of broad discussions about implications in favor of leaders and managers of various organizations, using various mobile apps. The process, where leaders of the top management run the business environment and personal lives linkage, is considered to be known as Digital Leadership (Brewster et al., 2016). The roles of digital leadership or managing processes are accessed by both organizational and individual stages. The digital leadership allows the leaders, to gain various competitive advantages. Leaders of every single commercial unit are recommended to utilize the benefit of this app advantage in family and work life. Uses of Apps in Business Business at present age, are getting more profitable and exploring by means of modern technology. There are various digital collaborations within customers, employees, vendors, management team of other branches of the company. The managers and leaders of the organization are responsible for maintaining these commercial relationships. The fact is that it is difficult to maintain these communication processes, by long distance travel and expense. Telephonic conversations are not always enough to communicate with the business people. Sometimes, sudden changes in the decision making occur within managers, which are need to inform to the desired destination in a proper manner. Documental changes cannot be transferred or received by only telephonic conversations (Budhwar Debrah, 2013). Other critical issues rise in business communication processes such as payment process of delivering products and services. The main benefit of using mobile applications for a business is that having the ap p in the individual's mobile set, operations like, surfing products, prices, online shopping, daily news updates, will become easier. The company will be reflected more advanced, towards the social world. Besides this, the hiring process will become easier. Customers, vendors, employees and the other public will be instantly connected with the company, by updated messages, emails, chats, etc. Customers can be able to get informed about special offers and deals of the company. On the other hand, there are some of the adverse effects of using these applications which are described below. Uses of apps in Personal Communication Likewise, the leaders need to deal with business; it is also a vital part of the individual, to stay connected with family and friends. A manager is a human being, apart from a leader of a particular organization (Certo, 2015). Continuous involvement with the business tasks, a leader cannot survive well. The person also needs to spend time with family and friends. Telephonic communication generates much expense (Cummings Worley, 2014). It is not possible always to dial every contact numbers, and pursue communication, whether it is with customers or staffs, or friends relatives. There will be many important calls to receive from customers, vendors, employees, and other people too. Mobile apps allow a leader to send information by a single click. Sometimes, it is not possible for the manager, to have daily conversations with the family, relatives, and friends, at a convenient time. For example, a sudden urgent work came, and the leader has to deal with it, but a call is coming from t he home. An immediate message can be sent to the person via social chatting sites. Chatting with family and friends can be also done on the daily basis while working. Relatives and friends in distance, Advantages of Using Mobile Apps to Maintain Work Life and Business Environment in Balance Mode: It is a matter of fact that there are many of the significant advantages of using this application effectively in order to manage the work life as well as the personal life. Therefore, people need to be aware of the use of applications (Davenport, 2013). The argument is regarding the use of the various applications for managing the work life and personal life is rising because of many advantages and disadvantages that people have experienced from these applications. Increase in productivity: Proper use of mobile apps by a business leader creates a potential advantage to the business. The app helps the business leader of a particular firm, by performing all the tasks at the convenient time, which are supposed to be undone due to lack of time. Every single task will be operated completely around the clock. For example, if an entrepreneur wants to run a shop, a mobile app if made as a commercial tool, the selling gets increased to a large extent. The process of selling products and services are been processed in 24*7 manner. But, still there remains an argument with other entrepreneurs, that, having a website is enough to run a fair business (Emmer Evertson, 2016). There are various tabs are there in the apps, each consisting of identical functions. Add the product of the shopping tab, allows consumers to buy the product directly from the app. Entrepreneurs are able to showcase or advertise various products and services, by uploading relevant info rmation of the product, including images, prices, delivery information, and full description of the product (Fee, 2014). Hence, customers could easily browse, compare with lots of products, achieve exact product information, and finally buy the products. There is online billing system, by which, customers can be able to place the order of the products by online mode (Harvey Allard, 2015). Mobile app helps managers to consume a lot of time. Time gets consumed in another way, as placing the order via telephonic is not necessary always, because few of the customers are placing the order via the mobile app. There is no hassle in ordering products; the entire business process becomes very easier and smarter. Instant feedback from customers: Achieving good feedbacks and experience reviews from the customers, gives a good impact on the business. Every entrepreneur wishes and has a hope of getting satisfactory towards the business of its own (Herrmann Herrmann-Nehdi, 2015). Customer satisfactory by the products and services of the company makes the manager, feel happy. The biggest reward for a manager is to achieve happy customer's feedback and excellent product reviews. There are a feedback and review giving tab in company's mobile app, by means of which, customers are able to give feedbacks, and reviews on the services taken from that particular company (Kramar et al., 2014). While, there is a negative point of view from few of the community that, getting bad feedbacks and weak reviews from few customers and other social community, gives a bad impact on the organization. As a result, the company gets the bad reputation in the market, for which, coming from new customers become typical. Time consume in phone calls: The managers had to deal, and response to lots of calls, messages, of customers, vendors, employees, senior managerial team, and the other social community, in daily basis, via telephone, emails, social media, etc. Having the mobile app, makes this communication simple. There is a digital service, named, bulk SMS and Bulk-email, which are inputted in mobile applications, to generate more commercial benefits for a manager or leader of a particular organization. While, sending same SMS and email to many people, an individual can send same messages and emails in just one click to different individuals, via bulk SMS and bulk Email service in a mobile app (Kramar Syed, 2012). So, basically, the time management remains genuine. Not only this, having company mobile app, helps the manager to save full details of customers information, including, product order, address, etc. While, few of the society, argues to this statement, that, using this mobile app service, requires extra cost. Instant customer communication: The Companys mobile app helps the managers to advertise products and services of the company in a faster way. Consumers and clients are able to get information about various special offers and deals from the company, via mail updates, text messages in mobiles, in exact time. Providing relevant and exact information of products order and delivery process, return and exchange of inappropriate products give customer fully satisfied by instant communication process by the company's management team. The customer finds a clear about the particular company, which creates a loyalty relationship with the company, the manager gets satisfied too. Instant messages, emails updates, from the managers, maintains the communication process in a fair manner (Purce, 2014). Loyal customer relationship: A good customer relationship affects a lot to a business or organization. Mobile app of the company enables the managers and leaders of the association to stay connected instantly with the customers and clients. There are several critical issues, such as handling certain complaints from the customers, are managed by the leaders. Having a mobile app, handling the issues, by replying to the emails, messages, social texts, at the same time, will become easier (Renwick, 2013). While, the argument from other public is that, server problems makes many of the customers get rude, by not getting communicated with the company. Maintaining work-life balance does not work easier all time for the leaders of an organization. It has been observed from this study, that, an app has made the maintenance of business tasks along with the personal life of the managers very easier. A business leader can easily communicate with the employees, customers, vendors, and other social communities at the same time via digitalized mobile applications (Storey, 2014). Various benefits and implications of leaders and managers of an organization has been discussed in this paper, including customer relationship, time consume, enhancement of productivity, instant feedback and reviews from the customers. In the same time, the leader is able to communicate with the family via social media chats, which remains as an option in the mobile application (Sparrow et al., 2016). Communication, between the employees and the clients with managers, remain in an appropriate manner, whereas, some of the leaders dont follow the concept of mobile ap p business strategy to maintain personal life balance with work life. They have a belief that, certain negative product reviews, gives bad impact to the organization (Swink et al., 2014). But, it is the fact that, using mobile app in business is the innovative style of trading, where managers advertise their products and services via email and SMS updates. Several arguments from the other citizens arise, such as, failure of communication due to technical and server problems, which gives bad effect to the business. Conclusion The study concludes about the usage of applications as a commercial tool for business, which can maintain a good work-life balance for managers and leaders of a particular business or organization. The paper presents an effective argument that whether the use of applications will improve the work life and personal life of the respective employees. Several arguments are there, related to the concept of good implications towards managers for using a business app. Some of the leaders believe and follow using mobile applications for their business to maintain the good relationship with customers, clients, employees and other social communal, while, some belief in maintaining the strong relationship with either business or personal life. But, the present research tells, that, using mobile apps in business generates more earnings and profits of the organization. Therefore, it becomes very important for the employees to understand the positive as well as the negative aspects of using the ap plications for managing their work life along with their personal life. Recommendations In order to increase the effectiveness of the work processes, many of the applications r playing a significant role. As per the latest trends, people are becoming more prone to the use of the latest technologies as to improve their own personal life. Thus, it is recommended that one should have the desired knowledge of the advantages as well as the disadvantages of using the applications for managing work processes along with the personal life of the respective employees. The use of the different applications helps in enhancing the effective communication between the individuals concerned and therefore the desired message can be communicated between them. By means of various apps, a manager can be able to drive business deals, along with family communication. Consumers can search different products, of different rates, and can buy their deserved products, in an easier process, having the mobile application of that particular business. References Alfes, K., Shantz, A. 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